When is Modern Warfare Going to Release The Long Awaited Battle Royale Mode?

Are you ready to get back to the “last man standing” mode? We know that you’re excited about the upcoming Battle Royale in CoD: Modern Warfare, but no one has ever mentioned when it’s coming to life? Well, considering it’s a word about an unusual amount of players in one match, not one should be frustrated. Modern Warfare is aiming to release a 200 player Battle Royale Game Mode, and we might be on the verge of receiving one soon.

More precisely, Raven Software, which for most of the people is not a sounding company when it comes to CoD: Modern Warfare, it’s the developer of the Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare. But that’s not all of it. What’s more interesting is that the developer is not working, but instead, possibly finished the Battle Royale mode insulated for Modern Warfare.

Earlier, Call of Duty and Raven Software have both tweeted something quite interesting. A trailer for Modern Warfare, which may have a rather concrete than blatant connection to Modern Warfare’s upcoming BR game mode.

Many of you might say, hey, this is not a word about the upcoming Battle Royale in CoD: Modern Warfare, but you need to think twice. It is called a teaser for a reason, and it claims that something is going to happen on February 11. This is where we, as media, try to connect bits and dots and get a hint of what’s next.

Presumably, the new Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare will release. It will be a free-to-play title and will gather up to 200 players per match. If this scenario doesn’t fulfill, we’ll be somewhat sad and disappointed, simply because the game’s player base is still in a descending phase.

The War rages tomorrow, and we’ll be here to see what exactly is going to happen. Any proposals are welcomed in the comments section below, so make sure you tell us of your thoughts.

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