New Halo Infinite Rumored Leaks Appear Online – Campaign, Multiplayer and More

zeAre you a real fan of Halo Infinite? Have you ever been bothered by it? Because I had been bothered by the franchise, as I couldn’t stop playing the game for a long, long time. Now that I discovered that some Halo Infinite rumors are appearing online, I’m scared of them but cannot resist the fact of love…

Now back to the original subject. It appears that new leaks have been discovered about Halo Infinite. These leaks reveal a release period, but also tell the game size, campaigns, multiplayer, and more. Where else if not Reddit? Reddit is full of leaks coming from the gaming industry. Even if sometimes they could be misinformative and wrong, they worth a look.

According to a Reddit user under the name thowasduesng, who has a couple of contacts with some of the people working on Halo Infinite, the following was discovered:

  • Fall 2020 release window,
  • The standard file size is 60GB, 4k uncompressed file size is potentially 120GB
  • Three separate campaigns: Master Chief, Locke, Jerome-092
  • Two separate multiplayer: Classic and New movement + Forge
  • Modular installation method for all six features, no mention of Theatre mode afaik

Regarding the Campaign as the person discovered, it will consist of 32 missions in total, which emphasizes a long and thorough gameplay experience. Each Campaign or task will be connected to virtualize a stronger narrative.

When it comes to the multiplayer, it seems that the developers want to indulge player’s input and time spent. There will be a Warzone-esque game mode with an RPG kick given to it. Players will be able to choose between different classes, such as Assassin or Medic.

To read more about this, make sure you visit the official post on Reddit.

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