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Path of Exile Patch 3.9.2E is Before Release – Preliminary Patch Notes

If you think video games do not have bugs, let us remind you of the following. Not a single one is bug-free, not even Path of Exile, which success is usually a precedent of greatness. Each patch and reset has been extraordinary, and players loved what they saw, at least to some extent. But, putting a stop mark is pretty much the last option for Grinding Gear Games, as they notice when changes are necessary. As such, more tweaks are scheduled to arrive with patch 3.2.9E. The update is expected to release during this week.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action RPG game with a vast in-game market, which doesn’t endorse any purchases, nor grant any benefits over the character. It is a Diablo-like title, which exploration and encounters make the game prominent. At least, that’s the verdict given by the majority of its players.

Not all of the patch notes have been published, but the devs have provided a solid overview of a couple of changes. With that said, there’s nothing additional to explain, but to take a look at the preliminary patch notes for 3.9.2E below:

Path of Exile 3.9.2E Patch Notes

  • You can now spawn Atlas influence in a Region that had already spawned that same influence in the previous ‘cycle’.
  • Added a notification when completing an Awakening Objective.
  • Blight monsters that are following a Blight path no longer ‘aggro’ to players when they are damaged.
  • Added an information hover to the Atlas Inventory.
  • Added reminder text to the “Supported Skills throw up to 4 additional Mines” stat on Minefield Support. The behavior of skills supported by Minefield is unchanged.
  • The currency type dropdown is now ordered alphabetically when pricing an item in a Public Stash Tab.
  • Removed the Guild Stash from Tane’s Laboratory.
  • Updated various error messages to indicate that items with Catalyst Quality or the new Influence types cannot be split using the Bestiary recipe.
  • The blood paths outside of Brutus’ arena have been restored.
  • Adjusted the positions of Acid Caverns’ Citadel so that it isn’t partially hidden by UI elements.
  • Fixed various cases where the Immortal Syndicate warning would appear when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed another bug where extremely strong Ignites sometimes dealt no damage.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to get stuck in the Menagerie cages.
  • Fixed a bug where declining the save option when changing your Item Filter caused the most recently selected Item Filter to be used.
  • Fixed a visual bug where distortion effects appeared around thrown Dynamite.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when Frost Bomb was cast by a monster on top of a Mine with the Void
  • Emperor Mine Effect microtransaction applied to it.
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