Pokemon Go Community Day Events List 2020

Trainers, two years and 24 successful Community Day events are behind us and we’re looking forward to the next ‘wave’ of 12 Community Day events in 2020, new Special Pokemon, new bonuses and more.

Once a month, the players have a special day called Community Day. Only on this day, the game introduces a Special Pokemon which appears quite often, but just for a few hours. Also, this Pokemon will know an exclusive move. There is an increased XP, more Stardust, greater Shiny rate and Lure Modules which last for three hours.

Niantic and Pokemon Go introduced the very first Community Day event two years ago, on January 20, 2018, featuring Pikachu as the Special Pokemon and since then we have seen/participated in 24 Community Day events – 12 in 2018 and 12 in 2019.

Community Day Events 2020

  1. January 19 Northern Hemisphere—Sunday, January 19, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in your local time zone
    Southern Hemisphere—Sunday, January 19, 2020, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in your local time zone – According to the pattern, we might get Piplup as the first Special Pokemon in 2020. Piplup January Community Day event confirmed.
  2. February – This was the first time Niantic and Pokemon Go let the community vote for the Special Pokemon. Not everyone liked the voting system. However, we ended up getting Rhyhorn.
  3. March – According to the pattern, we might get Snivy
  4. April – Possible Weedle
  5. May – According to the pattern, we might get Tepig
  6. June – Possible Abra
  7. July – According to the pattern, we might get Oshawott
  8. August – Possible Porygon
  9. September – According to the pattern, we might get Chespin
  10. October – Possible Deino
  11. November – According to the pattern, we might get Fennekin
  12. December – All previous Community Day events

If we follow the pattern, we should get Gen 4 starter Pokemon in January, and Gen 5 starter Pokemon every other month – March, May, and July. This has happened in the past two years. With that being said, Niantic and Pokemon Go might introduce Gen IV in August/September. If that’s the case, then we would most likely get Chespin in September, Fennekin in November and Froakle in January 2021.

2020 will be a great year and we’ll definitely see a lot of new Pokemon and new shiny forms, or maybe get a second chance to catch already released shiny forms.

That being said, here is a list of possible upcoming Community Day events in 2020.

Possible Community Day events in 2020

  • Abra
  • Axew
  • Bellsprout
  • Deino
  • Gothita – Not Yet Released
  • Hoppip
  • Litwick
  • Pidove
  • Porygon
  • Roggenrola
  • Rhyhorn
  • Sandile – Not Yet Released
  • Seedot
  • Sewaddle – Not Yet Released
  • Solosis – Not Yet Released
  • Spheal
  • Starly
  • Sewaddle
  • Timburr
  • Tympole
  • Tynamo – Not Yet Released
  • Vanillite – Not Yet Released
  • Venipede
  • Weedle

Please have in mind that the above mentioned Community Day events are not officially confirmed and the list is subject to change,


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