Pokemon Go Community Day March 2020, Voting Wish List

Update: Trainers, Pokemon Go Twitter account hints March Community Day event and it looks like they will no longer use the voting system.

Pokemon Go tweet hints at the next Community Day event and you can clearly see an image with psychic/shadowy background and a Crystal Ball emoji.

All hints lead to one Pokemon and that’s Abra. It would be great if the introduce Abra and its shiny forms for the first time.

More info will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

Previous Story Feb. 25, 2020: March is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for the next, third in a row Community Day event in Pokemon Go of 2020, new Special Pokemon, shiny forms, an exclusive move, and cool bonuses.

Pokemon Go’s CD monthly events in Pokemon Go are very exciting because, usually, they include a rare Pokemon waiting to be caught by the players, even though for a limited time. Niantic also includes many bonuses during this time.

The most exciting part of the event is definitely catching the rare Pokemon. It is definitely true that the shiny forms of the Pokemon will remain rare forever and it’s a lot easier to catch one during these Community Day events. As long as you have the time, space and persistence, you will catch the featured shiny form.

The ones that have already taken part in these events in the past, you already know that a staple of the events is the three-hour lures. March will bring you the same things, plus bonuses like 3x catch XP, new shiny forms and new exclusive move.

Please have in mind that the following is just a tease and a hint, 0% confirmed and 0% a leak!

We still do not have any official information for the featured Pokemon of the month of March 2020 nor the date, but according to some rumors, Snivy might see the light of the day as the Community Day Pokemon.

In February 2020, they introduced the ‘voting’ system and let the Pokemon Go community vote for the featured Pokemon. Not many players liked the system, so we really hope they’ll go back as it used to be. If they let us vote again, here is a list of Pokemon that we want to see in March.

Please have in mind that this is just our “wish list.”

Here are the Pokemon (six of them) we would definitely like to see as the next Community Day Pokemon, but only one can wear the crown.

To spice things up, we decided to make two groups with 3 Pokemon in each, instead of one group with 3 Pokemon.

  • Abra
  • Porygon
  • Deino

or maybe

  • Gible
  • Weedle
  • Riolu

if one of the lists above is official, which Pokemon would you vote for to see next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. I agree. To me all the others are useless and I can get on my own, or in my region. What I don’t ever see in the wild is gible,deino, and riolu among many others.

      1. I don’t have much luck with most shiny so if they did an increase spawns of all those I have yet to catch then I’d prefer those to any that hasn’t been released yet. I’d like to see end of regionals anyways but getting pokemon shiny that are already out would make for a better day than chasing shiny like Deini that will probably be 0% and harder to catch.

  1. Deino because its a Pokemon that’s hard to get and. It would be a good change from a Pokemon that can be seen in the wild everyday

  2. It should be unique, something you don’t see everyday like gible deino, and riolu.

    I want Pokemon I can win battles with. Machamp, dragons and muscle. I realize that people get different Pokémon regionally but I am sick of the same old surskit, sprouts and cherubs.

  3. Gible with earth power.
    Dieno with foul play.
    lucario with meteor mash.
    Staraptor with sky attack.
    Shinx with thunder fang.
    Haxorus with outrage.
    Togekiss with aura sphere.
    Krookodile with earth power.
    Larvitar with foul play/rock slide.
    Magmortar with flamethrower/overheat.
    Aron with rock slide.
    Mudkip with earth power/ice beam.
    Timburr with Rock slide.

  4. If they dare put another stupid vote in they clearly weren’t listening the first time everyone hates it if they could find a better way to submit votes I’d be game but the last way was unfair and not fun looking for the rarer ones

  5. Dieno , Riolu and Gible would be my first choice. BUT I have to agree, gen 1 needs to be complete so weedle would be my vote.

  6. Can we have community day on Saturday and Sunday, people work on Saturdays. Miss most community days because I can’t get off work.

  7. It’s Litwick for sure, he just appeared into the tier 1 raids (so people can grind for the good IV’s and to some extend candy) after announcing the image on their Twitter.

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