Reddit Leak Discovers Modern Warfare “Warzone” Battle Royale Challenges

The so-called Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare is in the boiling phase, as data miners have started revealing an actual glimpse of all the challenges that will be bound to it. Warzone, the upcoming Battle Royale, is supposed to put not 100 players, but 200 players to scrape their way to the very last man standing. Players will be set on a departure to accomplish them in a devastating 200 player battle.

Battle Royale very much means the last man standing, and doing challenges during the main task will be quite a defying responsibility. Nevertheless, the leak has arrived by Reddit user Senescallo, which is no stranger to the Modern Warfare community.

Below you can find all of the challenges set to arrive whenever Warzone, the new Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare comes. It doesn’t end there. There will also be missions, in which multiple challenges will be batched. They will most likely have enhanced rewards, and won’t be just an experience boost.

In a word, it resembles a lot of today’s Fortnite, in which Epic Games tend to add multiple challenges, which completion leads to a bigger surprise. Infinity Ward is aware of the banter that may come out; in order, some of the rewards are not satisfactory as presumed.

200+ Warzone Daily Challenges and Missions from modernwarfare

The challenges above are subject to change, as per the data miner. If anything else comes up to our attention, we’ll post it ASAP.

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