Space Management Strategy Game “Starport Delta” is Coming to Steam

Starport Delta, a new space management strategy game, is making its way to Steam. Cloudfire Studios is bringing the real-time space strategy to Steam on March 27, making players encounter dangerous threats in the dark galaxy. In Starport Delta, battles are not what matters much, but instead the endurance and patience in building your space station.

Managing the space station is something different. Continuous galaxy threats are starting to merge, and defending the space station with different strategies is what counts the most. Dangers take various forms in the space, and in Starport Delta, alien pirates, space worms, and other living creatures are going to try and sabotage your journey.

As Cloudfire Studios likes to highlight:

Survive the dangers of space

In a galaxy filled with imminent threats, players must defend their stations to the best of their abilities by building the most strategic defenses. Dangers take many forms in deep space:

  • Alien pirates stealing resources from the very buildings making up the players’ stations.
  • Massive space worms devouring anything and everything in their path.
  • Space storms deactivating various parts of stations.
  • Meteor showers raining down and destroying unprotected buildings.
  • Deadly radiation blasts endangering the lives of residents.

Explore the galactic sandbox

With the opportunity to command, build, and expand their own space stations, players get to choose how they are designed and run and pursue challenging goals for the growth of their stations. Players must make complex and ethical decisions:

  • Balance the station design between mining, housing, and trade.
  • Manage defense expenditure and infrastructure
  • Evacuate citizens or risk loss of life from deadly radiation bursts
  • Rescue or airlock problematic residents and risk attracting space worms
  • Micro-manage building maintenance personally or automate with slower repair drones

To meet its exceptional narrative, Starport Delta offers campaign missions with multiple tasks. Some of them painful enough to make the player become skillful, makes the game more than interesting to discover.

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