You can perform a “Toilet Escape” in the Latest Fortnite Season

The new season of Fortnite is even more exciting than I first thought of. There I am, ready for a couple of games, when I actually realize there are new landmarks on the map that need to be unveiled. I decide to land at this new location on the east side of the map, called The Grotto. Before landing, I only knew that Toilets do exist in Fortnite, but never believed they would be given a purpose. But wait, there’s more.

So, there I am, landing at The Grotto, killing Henchmen like never before, gaining their intel. Henchmen are the new AI, which is a bit dumb for the first couple of seconds, but they could become very deadly after they scan you for a while. Nevertheless, there’s this human player that eliminated a couple of human players, so I was ready to put myself on a hunting mission.

Ok, so I spotted him, and while on a roam, he gained intel on me. However, he was hiding behind this small sophisticated building, with no other places to go, so I had to prolonge the rotation. After my position was compromised, I had to push. His last known location was behind the cabin.

So I went from the side, closed the angle, and noticed he’s not there anymore. But, I heard a strange sound shortly before he vanished. Ok, so in my mind, I firmly believed he’s hiding in that little building. Well, he wasn’t. That small building he went in had a toilet.

I tried opening the door holding angles, but there was nothing except the toilet I already told you about. After getting close to it, I had the option to “Hide,” without knowing that it could do something. Apparently, I flushed through the toiler and traveled through the pipes, yikes. As soon as I came out, I died, but I got the achievement Narrow Escape.

The featured image above is from the actual travel through the vent. I am not lying, didn’t know this was a thing. There, you can use Toilets to travel through or escape in tight situations in Fortnite’s Season 2 of Chapter 2. If you find anything new, let us know in the comments below!

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