Battlestate Games Still Balancing Escape From Tarkov’s Patch 0.12.4

Battlestate Games is continuing to tweak the yesterday’s update that added a new stamina/fatigue system. The new stamina system makes the players feel the pressure of realism input in a milsim title, such as Escape From Tarkov. Eager to fill up the bags with all the goodies players have found, now they need to maintain their overall weight, which may slow their speed by quite a lot.

Walking up to an extraction point while having a fatigue debuff on yourself is not pleasant at all, as you may become a victim of so-called extraction campers, which, generally speaking, might be the most beneficial thing to do at this point.

But, shortly after the release of 0.12.4, BSG has realized that further tweaks need to be adopted to assert player’s comfortability. Therefore, the overweight mechanic is now tuned down, alongside other changes that have been achieved in the past couple of hours.

Below you can find the latest changes, which are expected to change or expand during this day. Therefore, stay tuned for more info!

  • Ingame money disappearing bug must be fixed already (we are thinking about compensation for those who lost money).
  • Fleamarket gate is lowered to 10 LVL
  • Increased weights for overweight effects (now overweight starts from 40 kg and blends to 70 kilograms (was 30 and 60 kg) (yes, we can tweak it, yes, we said that we would tweak it during tests and balancing), increased stamina capacities and so on.
  • We did something to lower headbobbing effect while being overweight (also this headbobbing will be linked to headbobbing slider in settings soon)
  • There is no 60kg tank battery. it was an old weight that was fixed shortly right after update
  • lowered the rate of stamina depletion while being prone in ADS (currently live)
  • increased sensitivity while you run (currently live)
  • investigating static camera on recoil issue (recoil feels different now)
  • lowered camera bobbing more (it will be removed entirely or through settings) (currently live)
  • fixed 1500 error on fleamarket (currently live)
  • increased breath capacity (currently live)
  • fixing fall abuse
  • working on alternative 1440p interface scaling methods
If there is anything new regarding the 0.12.4, we’ll make sure we keep you posted.

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