CoD: Warzone 15 Million Players And Still Counting

CoD: Warzone and Infinity Ward have achieved a new milestone. Only one week after release, CoD: Warzone has managed to get over 15 million players, which somewhat underlies the beauty and success of a free-to-play game. Every free-to-play game is a real deal, as any gamer would say.

The recent success was announced on the official Call of Duty Twitter Profile, which tanks for the 15 million joins from all across the globe. Players have found CoD: Warzone as quite a refreshing title to play, and it seems to have brought a fade upon Fortnite and the rest.

Platform wise, there are still answers needed. The number of 15 million players represents a total number of players across each platform. Other BR games have had struggled to get to this number shortly after launch.

Distinctively speaking, on the first day of launch, CoD: Warzone got up to 6 million players without any server connection issues. Apex Legends, for comparison, got up to 2.5 million on its first day of launch.

That speaks for Warzone’s distinct and unique approach. Not only the game feels different, but its optimization is just out of this world. There’s not a single BR game that is close to this performance-wise.

Scattered on three platforms, PC, Xbox and PS4, CoD: Warzone exceeds the player’s expectations by any means. At this time, we assume that the number of players is close to reaching 16 million. More about this, however, very soon!

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  1. Too bad game is unplayable due to disconnecting. Also, the worst part is, the paid Modern Warfare is unplayable for MW community because of this problem. Someone should add more free Warzone servers and separate them from paid ones. Come on.

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