Escape From Tarkov Will Rework “Interchange” to Meet Player Demands – 3 New Extraction Points

Interchange, the map that has only two extraction zones at the time of this writing, is confirmed to receive a complete rework. On today’s Escape From Tarkov podcast, the developers have discovered the new Interchange.

From a design perspective, Interchange is one of the most favorite maps for the whole Tarkov community. The only problem players are facing is the extraction campers, which are the easiest to be found on Interchange. With the current extraction points on both corners of the map, it’s quite an easy loot for those who decide to camp, simple as that.

After more than a year, Interchange will finally be different with the next patch, and we cannot wait to see the new extraction points and the tasks behind each one of them.

But that’s not all! Interchange will also receive utterly new lighting. So far, players roaming in the parking lot on the ground floor may have been seen by players running the game without shadows. Players who are roaming on the outskirts of the map have a considerable advantage overall. Well, that won’t be a problem any longer.

There is also interactive lightning, which players can decide whether or not they should turn it on. It can be turned on from the power station, which turns on the alarm in the trade center but could also be a power provider for some of the new extractions, similar to Labs.

The developers haven’t discovered the extraction areas, but they’ve provided a good overview of the changes. Below you can take a look at the clip of the player activating the power on the whole map.

Interchange will have three new exits. That means there will be a total of 5 extraction zones.

Angel Kicevski

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