Fortnite 12.20 Updates Its Map, Pleasant Park, The Rig and More

Fortnite is slowly working towards Deadpool’s appearance and has established its base earlier today. It also showcased a video material involving him. This update also introduces a new transport vehicle too, which is a helicopter but also changed the look of The Rig POI do to some explosions.

Now, the oil has poured into the water, which may be a future content or part of an upcoming event in Fortnite. Forttory, a famous fortnite data miner, has showcased the exact look of the POI in a video and posted it on his Twitter profile. You can take a look at the new Rig below, but also the helicopter in action.

Will this madden TNTina so that she settles on a new and punishing path? We’ll see in the future!

What’s more exciting is the alteration of Pleasant Park. The so-known football field that has remained unchanged and part of Pleasant Park seems to be hiding a mysterious place, in which a helicopter is free for the taking. Pretty much a base in which probably Deadpool is taking his freedom.

So, the new map pretty much holds parts showcased in some of the teasers before the new season began. Just as The Rig, which was supposed to pour oil into the water.

According to the latest map change, the oil has spilled and covered a lot of the territory, which may be a trigger of some event in the future.

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