Fortnite Deadpool Week 7 Challenges Leaked

Fortnite’s season is before its seventh week of challenges. Therefore, we’ll have a new set of challenges to address, including Deadpool ones. As usual, Fortnite is not viable for keeping challenges as a secret, mainly because data miners are working on finding info ahead of the trigger, such as leaking the Deadpool Challenges. Let’s take a look at them below.

Previously, Deadpool instructed its players to find his Katanas, which wasn’t a hard thing to do. Now, Deadpool wants us to seek more of his stuff, and according to the leaked version of the challenges, we’ll need to find Deadpool’s pistols. The second challenge is a bit harder, and you can find it below.

Deadpool Week 7 Challenges Leaked

  • Find Deadpool’s Pistols
  • Enter a Phone Booth or Portapotty to become the Super-est of Superheroes

Well, do you remember how we were able to turn into Henchman by entering a phone booth? The second challenge of Deadpool’s Week 7 may indeed be the challenge where we acquire the complete Deadpool skin. We’re more than sure that we have found a lot of Deadpool’s stuff, and we cannot remember anything else required to find.

As we progress throughout this season, the whole Fortnite map is slowly becoming controlled by Deadpool, as not only embraces his impact but also twists some POIs into his themed colors.

But, until the triggering day arrives, we’ll have to wait until Thursday and see what happens. Are we finally going to get the complete Deadpool skin? It remains to be seen.

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