Fortnite: Deadpool’s Katana Location – Week 4 Deadpool Challenges

It appears that we have made Deadpool start playing Fortnite. What we’ll be doing in the coming period is acquiring his Katanas, both for him but also for our in-game look. This is pretty much the same challenge as the ones requiring players to click and gather items around the Fortnite HQ. This Battlefield is probably the best one we could ever get, taking in the fact that a Deadpool skin awaits!

Today’s challenge asks us to “Find Deadpool’s Katanas,” which as instructed above, will be splattered somewhere around the headquarters. Accomplishing this challenge would grant the Katanas back bling, which is a solid step towards getting the whole Deadpool skin.

But, where exactly are the Katanas located? Well, being hidden around the HQ makes it rather easy, and the first Katana can be found in the Upgrade Vault. That is where your seasonal and customizable Maya skin is awaiting, and on the left side of hers, there will be a sharp Katana.

The Katana is supposed to be just between the M4 and Hatchet. Take a look at the picture below for more info. The challenge is expected to be released today, so hopefully, this will work. If it doesn’t, we’ll update the guide asap.

But that is only 1 of the Katanas acquired, and we may be asked to hop into a game to get the second Katana. This may take us to The Grotto, which is a POI expected to become Deadpool’s main base. If that’s the case, we’re going to update this asap.

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