Fortnite Metal Farming Bug Explained

If you want to farm a crazy amount of Metal in Fortnite and have the most durable structure at any fight, there is a cheesy way to do so. Fortnite players have discovered a new bug that allows players to mitigate the proper farming method, and get a solid stack of metal in just a couple of seconds.

Being considered as a bug as per the most recent Trello page, there’s a limited amount of time you could abuse the same and gain benefits in your Fortnite matches. Farming metal is no longer an issue, but there’s a little trick to it.

The method to gain unlimited metal by standing at one spot and just using your pickaxe requires you to visit a gas station. The pumps seem unbreakable, which is the latest known Fortnite bug or caused by update 12.20.

Don’t know if this has been posted but you can get max metal off of these gas station pumps, they never break and keep giving you materials. from FortNiteBR

Said, you can just get as many people as you want and pickaxe the pumps until you reach full of metal. It grants a decent amount of metal per swing, which may be the right source for metal farming. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be paying attention to this simply because the bug is most probably going to be addressed soon. But until it is, have an excellent farming period :)!

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