Fortnite: Players Banned from FNCS, Epic Games On a Roll

It seems that Epic Games is very strict when it comes to hackers. Even those who have tried to hack just for content have been a victim of the banhammer. However, this time is a lot more different than just cutting for fun. Two teams of the first week of FNCS, which is a Fortnite championship organized by Epic Games and quite generous in terms of rewards, have been using hacks for which they faced the banhammer.

The first leg of the Fortnite Champion series in which the top placements progress to the grand final has been quite miserable in that perspective. Epic Games have found out that the first two teams who have managed to secure a substantial spot. The last weekend haven’t been using third-party software that gives an advantage. Instead, they tried to abuse ordinary mechanics in the game.

In competitive Fortnite, there is a storm surge mechanics where players need to deal damage to opponents in a time span. Not obeying this mechanic could result in elimination due to the substantial ticking damage. In any case, a mechanic that would ruin any advantage you have.

It’s a mechanic everyone needs to obey, and initiate a gunfight before it kicks off. For that reason, four players in the last FNCS have managed to cheese the mechanic. This was first noticed by multiple spectators who love Fortnite, and have confirmed there’s something suspicious with these two teams.

Namely, Bucke and Kreo and Keys and Slackes, whom persons belonged the first and second spot of the week in the NA East region, have all been landing in Slurpy Swamp. That’s a POI where you can gain infinite shield at any given time, but it also has a decent loot table.

So throughout each drop, these two teams would drop there, and whenever the Storm Surge requirement kicks in, they would just damage each other and get back on their primary mission, looting.

Below there’s a compilation of them going head to head damaging each other, which we find it a little bit funny. Hopefully, this won’t turn into a more significant case where everyone abuses probably the only mechanic that induces a gunfight, hence an excitement for all the spectators.

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