Fortnite: Visit Shipwreck Cove, Flopper Pond and The Yacht

While the Yacht is named location on the Fortnite map and easy to find, the other two (Shipwreck Cove and Flopper Pond) are not that familiar to the Fortnite player base. There’s almost no reason for players to land over there, so by doing this challenge, you may get familiar with that place for the first time. However, they are a part of today’s challenges, and we have to, like it or not, pay them a visit. As the challenge requires: Visit Shipwreck Cove, Flopper Pond, and The Yacht.

Before we continue with this guide, let’s talk about these locations. The Shipwreck Cove and Flopper Pond were a part of previous challenges given in Season 1 if I am not mistaken. But if you’re not familiar with them, worry not as we’re here to help.

The Shipwreck Cove is located on the very southeast side of the Fortnite island, while the Flopper Pond is the little lake just northeast of Holly Hedges, south of Sweaty Sands. Unlike these two, The Yacht is probably an already known location to you all, and is on the very northeast side of the main Fortnite island:

As concise as it is, we can conclude this guide as successful. Trust us. We know that you, as a hardcore Fortnite player, would instead just jump to the locations rather than reading everything in this article. Have a nice day!

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