Fortnite: Where to Deal Damage to Bosses – Week 3 Challenges

New Fortnite challenges are rising. With the third and new week in Fortnite, not only the regular weekly challenges but also the Deadpool ones, which this week will slightly be harder to complete. However, for this time, we’ll stick to the Bosses challenge, which requires us to deal with damage to AI’s scattered across the new landmarks introduced in Season 2.

Where to Deal Damage to Bosses in Fortnite?

Prior to dealing damage to them, we first need to locate the bosses. They are all using scarry weapons that deal insane damage, and some of them may quickly get you eliminated if you’re not prepared for the encounter.

Therefore, make sure you are at least at full hp and shield because, in this case, it will help you quite a lot. Now let’s jump to the locations of the bosses. We need to find Midas, Meowscles, Brutus, Skye, TNTina.

Let’s see where exactly can they be found:

Fortnite Bosses

The essential tip for this challenge is to land and eliminate at least one henchman and then interrogate him for the location of his boss. Shortly after eliminating the boss, you will see a couple of symbols that highlight the sites of all the AI, but also the Crown symbol, which indicates the location of the boss.

Therefore, if you’re uncertain of their exact positioning, interrogating is the way to go. After that, it becomes straightforward. For now, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have happy hunting in Fortnite!

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