Fortnite: Where to Destroy Toilets – Week 3 Deadpool Challenges

With week 3 upon us, Fortnite brought new weekly challenges. Among them, the most exciting, the Deadpool challenges, which this time are not going to be that easy to accomplish. Instead, each of you who want to continue completing the Deadpool challenges will need to hop into a real game and Destroy Toilets. At least that’s what Deadpool wants us to do.

We know that Deadpool is currently stuck in the toilet, which brings us to a belief that he’s in need of help, which might be the reason why he wants us to destroy toilets across the island. Simple as that, we’ll be sent on a mission across the whole Fortnite island, to destroy toilets. But where can you find them on the map of Fortnite?

Worry not, as we’re here to help you designate all of the locations of the toilets. Some of them are even located at one spot as a bouquet. Let’s see all of the places. Keep in mind that not only the portable but also the static toilets that can be found in houses may also count towards the challenge.

Below you can see the image of all pinpointed across the map.

Some of the locations contain multiple portable toilets, from which only one of them can be destroyed. Therefore, keep in mind where you land first. We would suggest you go to the two locations east from Frenzy Farm first, and then head on to Weeping Woods.

Completing this challenge will reward you with Deadpool’s pickaxe, which I do not want to reveal so that you’ll be surprised. Happy Hunting!

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