New Worms Game is in the Works by Team17, Teaser Trailer Revealed

There’s nothing else like a Worms Armageddon, and it seems that we’re on the verge of getting one. As entitled, Worms 2020 might be upon us very soon, as Team17 is working on a new title. Worms 2020 might be the next title in the franchise.

According to the teaser trailer, it represents a stable outlook of the 2D perspective Worms game, in which human players are put in a fight between each other, with a destructive arsenal at reach. Outmaneuvering is also a part of the game, and positioning your worm behind obstacles may be the key to success.

Nevertheless, judging by the teaser trailer, this new game seems to be of a completely new era, and that may indicate a whole new perspective despite the 2D standard for a Worms game. We’ll have to wait and see what would the final product reflect upon and how Team17 is going to emphasize the entertainment.

More or less, we have to be satisfied with the franchise because it dates since our good old childhood days. More about Worms 2020, whenever something new arises. Until then, stay tuned!

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