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Code changes were published in an article written by XDA Developers, as seen in the new Discord Alpha version, Discord v16 alpha 7. It is revealed that there will be a collab between the app and Pokemon Go, paired up with helpful COVID-19 channels to inform the users. PoGo will show the new feature where players will be able to explore the virtual map and take place in Raid Battles, all happening from the comfort of your home.

Pokemon Go will have a serious challenge ahead because until now, they have avoided P2P communication in the game. With Battles moving from outside to inside, the communication between players will be lost. What the strings that were found suggest that Discord is collaborating with Niantic to bring something so that the players can communicate with each other.

The first test will probably be in LA, in Niantic’s office. The Discord server will be local, and its main focus will be on Raid Battle coordination.

<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_announcements_label_long”>Get latest announcements for Pokemon GO raids in Los Angeles!</string>
<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_announcements_label_short”>Get latest announcements</string>
<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_friendship_label_long”>Make new friends who are also passionate about Pokemon GO in your area!</string>
<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_friendship_label_short”>Make new friends</string>
<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_strategy_label_long”>Share tips and strategy so you can train the strongest Pokemon!</string>
<string name=”invite_pokemon_go_strategy_label_short”>Share tips and strategy</string>

This collab is extremely good because Discord has many VoIP features that help during Raid Battles. Users also do not need to share their identity on Discord, which is a plus. This has yet to be confirmed by Niantic, but they left a hint in their announcement post by saying: “We are enhancing our in-game virtual social features to enable players to stay in touch when they can not meet in real life.”

What’s Discord Alpha?

Discord Alpha is Discord’s semi-public testing app where they bring features in early for live testing

More info to follow soon, so stay tuned!

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