Pokemon Go April, May, June, July, August, September Community Day Voting List, List of Potential Future Community Day Shiny Pokemon

Trainers, this is HUGE! Niantic and Pokemon Go are bringing back the Community Day voting system and we have the voting list for the next three CD events, April and May, June and July, and August and September.

The next Community Day events voting lists have been revealed, thanks to the great miners and trust me, you’re going to love it.

According to the text discovered in the GM file by PokeMiners, we’re looking forward to 3 more Community Days until September and 12 Pokemon to choose/vote for.

Pokemon Go April/May Community Day Voting List

  • Gastly Community Day in April/May
  • Sandshrew Community Day in April/May
  • Squirtle Community Day in April/May
  • Weedle Community Day in April/May

Pokemon Go June/July Community Day Voting List

  • Caterpie Community Day in June/July
  • Charmander Community Day in June/July
  • Grimer Community Day in June/July
  • Porygon Community Day in June/July

Pokemon Go August/September Community Day Voting List

  • Bulbasaur Community Day in August/September
  • Exeggcute Community Day in August/September
  • Magikarp Community Day in August/September
  • Starly Community Day in August/September

Which Pokemon would you vote for to see during the next Community Day events? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. How about May flowers (all the Kanto grass), June Bugs, July Fireworks (Kanto fire), AuGUST flyers, and September Showers. Or April Showers (Kanto water)

  2. I think gen5 and gen 6s should be voted for for one reason the ones you have put up everyone has them evolved already and some have completed their 1st pokedex and nearly at level 40 so I think that we should have new ones now

  3. Why are they not using new Pokemon? These are already out like crazy right now. How about we. Vote for Riolu, Oshawat, Blitzl, Panpour, Pansage, and pansear, how about A few, Larvitar, the eevees, Darakuma, along the lines of those pokemon. It would make the game way way morr fun to mix it up with ones we dont see. Even throw in Throu, dweeble or Timburr

  4. These lists suck, most of these already have shinies

    I guess I would vote Weedle / Porygon / Starly (maybe Exegg but not as likely)

  5. If Niantic would post the dates of the community days with these list, it would be extremely helpful. It’s getting hard to organize events lately for our players.

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