Pokemon Go Celebrating April Fools’ Day

Trainers, April 1st is here and it looks like Niantic and Pokemon Go want to celebrate this day with increased spawn rate of specific Pokemon that look like a Pokeball, new Pokemon are Photobombing, Stunfisk makes its debut and Ditto spawns are increased.

The NZ Pokemon Go players are one step ahead, and thanks to their reports we now know what to expect for the April Fools’ Day.

Pokemon Go April Fools’ Day Event

  • Start date April 1
  • End date April 7
  • Gastly, Haunter, Sudowoodo, Aipom, Ditto, Voltorb, and Foongus are spawning more often
  • Shiny Sudowoodo and Shiny Croagunk  in the wild
  • Stunfisk’s debut
  • Aipom, Wynaut, Bonsly, Croagunk and Stunfisk from 5KM Eggs
  • Aipom and Croagunk are Photobombing

Now, the funny thing is that we’re all running out of Pokeballs and they increased the spawn rate of Voltorb and Foongus, the Pokemon that look like Pokeballs. Not cool Niantic, not cool.

That’s all we have so far, and we really hope Alolan Exeggutor is still on the April Fools’ Day roster.

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