Pokemon Go Pikachu and Catch me if you Can Glitch

What is the gaming world without glitches? Since the beginning of video games, there have always been glitches. Sometimes these glitches can ruin a game, sometimes they can be used as an advantage and often they can make a game most fun.

In the Pokemon Go world, we have seen many glitches, but the latest one, as reported by the Pokemon Go community on the official TSR, is the no ears, weird-looking Pikachu and the Catch me if you Can with the last Pokeball glitch.

Pokemon Go players have noticed a temporary glitch that removes the hat and the ears of Pikachu, making it look totally weird and the Catch me if you Can glitch while trying to catch Shiny Nincada with the last Pokeball.

This is the first time Pokemon Go players are reporting of seeing these weird glitches. They shared these bugs with the rest of the community on the official TSR Reddit and they’re loving it!

Take a look below!

[Bug] Pikachus with hats don’t show hats…or ears from r/TheSilphRoad


New bug found in Pokemon Go from r/TheSilphRoad

It seems like this is a temporary glitch and it doesn’t affect other players.

The weird-looking Pikachu bug has definitely made my day and I would like to have one looking exactly like that in my Pokedex.

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