Pokemon Go Playing at Home, Hatching Eggs, Catching Shiny and Staying Safe

Trainers, with the recent worldwide situation and all the good and bad things, we must stay positive, follow the given instructions and stay safe. That’s the only way to win this battle!

Now, as a member of the Pokemon Go community, I would recommend people to stay home, wash hands often, use hand sanitizers, use wet wipes to clean your phone and stay safe.

I know it’s hard to enjoy the game at the moment, but hey, there are ways to keep on playing and stay on track. You can simply sit on your couch, sofa, favorite chair, or your man’s lap and catch ’em all! Trust me, it’s very simple.

Here are the best ways to stay at home, play Pokemon Go and stay safe at the same time:

  • Sock trick: turn on adventure sync, put your phone inside a sock and then bounce it around. It will trick the phone and the app, and you’ll end up “walking” and hatching Eggs – and with the ongoing 1/2 Hatch Distance bonus you will hatch a ton of Pokemon
  • Sock trick for the Go Battle League: Yes, that’s right, use the sock trick to get the 3 KM distance to unlock a set of five Go Battle Leagues
  • Take advantage of the Winter Box and get those 30 Incense for 1 Pokecoin. These Incense now last for 1 hour and you get a new spun every ~30 seconds which is wild! Normally, you get a new spun every ~five minutes if you’re not walking. In addition, Incense just spawns Pokemon from the normal pools. and it’s 100 % possible to get a Shiny Pokemon. Please have in mind this is a one-time purchase only

The only ‘bad’ thing is that you’ll run out of PokeBalls eventually. But hey, you can always ask your friends to send you Gifts or spend some Pokecoins to get them from the in-game shop.

NOTE: It will take approximately 12-15 minutes to bounce your phone in a sock to get the 3KM distance for Go Battle League.

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