Apex Legends’ Battle Armor Event Starts Tomorrow

Apex Legends, the futuristic Battle Royale, has recently delayed the end of Season 4, and one of the reasons for that was the longevity of the upcoming Battle Armor Event. A new Limited Time Game Mode which is scheduled to start tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28.

The Battle Armor Event promotes the availability of one type of armor since the get-go, making it a fairground for everyone. However, the armor and its kind are scheduled to cycle within a designated period. The armor swap will most likely occur every three to four days. Yes, Legendary and Evo shields are most likely to be part of the cycle.

The event will last until May 12, and shortly after its ending, Respawn Entertainment will endure a strong Titanfall-themed season, Season 5, advised to intrigue the fans of the Titanfall franchise.

Apex Legends is still dominating the Battle Royale scene, with developers tirelessly working behind the project, indulging new surprises monthly.

David Goodwin

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