Do Not Miss Fortnite’s Live Event and Travis Scott Concert

Do not forget the next live event in Fortnite! It will occur in 1 hour from now, and there will be a concert similar to Marshmello’s. Epic Games have done an exceptional job with the live events, and even though there wasn’t one in a long time. The announcement on the official Twitter Profile of Fortnite claims the event will occur today!

Below you can find the official tweet:

Not a Travis Scott concert will endure, but also a star in the sky will shimmer down onto the Fortnite island. The star has been getting closer and closer in the past days. If you recall the Mello concert, this may be the most welcomed event in Fortnite’s history due to the fact it has multiple triggers.

Furthermore, Forttory, a known Fortnite Data Miner has leaked close footage of the Astro World. What is going to happen remains unknown, and we’re about to see very soon.

In a couple of hours from now, the doors are about to open, and Fortnite’s island is about to become a more peaceful and entertaining place for every player across the globe.

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