Escape From Tarkov Will Disable Nvidia Freestyle, Over 50,000 Players Banned in March

Escape From Tarkov is probably the most realistic and punishing first-person shooter out there. Currently, in Beta, the game still doesn’t have any goals reached, and it’s in the developing phase. As such, the CEO of Battlestate Games has discovered new goals for the coming period. Starting with the denial of Nvidia Freestyle (one of the reasons I am not playing EFT atm), which filters are beneficial to the human eye and give an unfair advantage over others.

What’s more exciting is seeing BSG fighting cheaters, which in-game gains usually want to transcend into real-life money. As discovered, over 50,000 cheaters were banned in March solely, and Nikita said that BSG is working with BattlEye daily to enhance this battle even further.

Shoreline is also going to receive a new Boss, currently in the works (if not done and tested at the moment), called The Sanitar, that will probably be escorted by a couple of minions. These changes may sound distant and are planned for 0.12.7, which is most likely going to carry account wipe as well. Nevertheless, all of the changes discovered are proof of BSG’s hard work on their beloved tactical shooter.

All of the mentioned above was announced on Pestily’s stream, where Nikita joined to discover insider info. To go in detail, the EFT moderators have released a snapshot of Nikita’s reveals. You can find it below:

  • Information about the wipe will probably be released next week.
  • RAID episode 4 is planned in mid-May.
  • The next patch 0.12.5 will contain the settings of graphic post-effects. Filters from Nvidia will become unavailable for use.
  • The 1911 pistol will be in 0.12.6.
  • Kriss Vector – most likely will appear in 0.12.7.
  • UMP is in the plans, but there are no exact dates yet.
  • Boss on the Shoreline – The Sanitar is scheduled for 0.12.7
  • Rework of skills – the first changes will be in the patch 0.12.7.
  • The compass is planned in patch 0.12.7 or 0.12.8.
  • Steam Audio – will appear in 0.12.6, this will be the first iteration and it is aimed at improving the quality of sound positioning in the game.
  • About 50,000 cheaters were blocked in March. Developers work daily with BattlEye.
  • Nikita and the developers do not quite approve the ping limit. For example, due to high ping, players cannot play with friends in different parts of the world. But at the moment, “we have what we have.” These are necessary measures to combat cheaters and abusers. In the future, perhaps something on this subject will change and be finalized.
  • Players will have the opportunity to send reports of suspicious players, abusive nicknames and bug-abuses (in the near future).
  • Nikita once again noted that there will be no microtransactions in the game. This is not a method of dealing with intruders selling loot for real money. Trading for real money violates the license agreement and will lead to account blocking – this is only a matter of time.
  • BEAR voice acting that speaks “broken” English will be added in the game.
  • Offline game with friends is in the plans, perhaps for this there will be separate servers without gaining experience in raids.
  • Button to quickly drop the backpack – in the plans.
  • Next location will be either Lighthouse or Streets of Tarkov. The main work goes on Streets of Tarkov
  • In 0.12.5 and 0.12.6 there will be various corrections aimed at eliminating freezes and various errors.
  • The idea of   the ability to do everything all at once in one raid is something that the developers want to get rid of (lurking, shooting, making money). One man – no man – developers want players to have to choose between such things in raids.
  • Developers are actively trying to find a balance between the creation of new content and technical updates (bug fixes). Cheaters and bugs take up most of the time for programmers, and they cannot work fully on new features.
  • Nikita and the developers believe that the gameplay at the Escape from Tarkov tournaments does not show the real essence of the game, but it is interesting to watch such tournaments. There will definitely be more tournaments, including those from Twitch – more well-developed.
  • Daily tasks (similar to quests from the tournament, random quests) – players will have the opportunity to perform such tasks in the future.
  • Merchandise store postponed due to COVID-19.
  • Patches 0.12.5 and 0.12.6 will be directed mainly to the technical component. 0.12.7 approximately 50/50 with content. When adding new mechanics, we have to stop and fix errors
  • The ability to send loot to the stash and remain in the raid is planned. This means the ability to evacuate a backpack with loot from a location for money.
  • Developers are also testing a version of Unity 2019 so they can switch to it soon.
  • Unity is a rather complex and specific engine. There are no games like EFT on Unity and most likely will not appear.
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