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Fortnite 12.50 Tweaks Sniper Damage and Adjusts Aim Assist – Full Patch Notes

Earlier today, Epic Games announced the development of patch 12.50, which among other things, is also scheduled to address framerate and resolution drops. Furthermore, there have been some emails sent by Epic Games to players about the Sniper damage, and possible retuning of the same. It hasn’t been stated if that’s going to be a buff or a nerf, so we’ll have to see when the patch deploys.

Regarding the aim assist, Epic Games posted that a change that 240hz acts like 60hz, so there may be a slight change. Correct me if I am wrong, but this would obstruct aim assist even more and will be independent on the monitor you’re running. Interesting, indeed. I guess it will leave a breathing room to all the recent complaints about how broken to aim assist is.

Regarding the custom games, there will be a new, probably the most exciting game modes in the rows of Fortnite. A Payload game mode with two teams that have one main goal. That goal is simple, and that is to either escort or stop the Payload from reaching the final destination. On the attacking side, you will need to accompany the Payload to the end, while the defending team will have to prevent that from happening.

But, to cut the talk and jump straight to the patch notes, take a look at the section below.

Fortnite v12.50 Patch Notes – Battle Royale

  • Fixed Framerate and resolution drops
  • Fixed Local Challenges may not appear on-screen when players enter a new area.
  • Fixed Skye’s “Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge may not track progress.
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