Fortnite: Where to collect 75 of each material in 60 seconds after landing

This challenge is one of our favorites as it requires pure knowledge of the Fortnite island. This Skye’s adventure challenge requires us to get 75 of each material in 1 minute after landing from the Battle Bus, and there are not too many locations consisting of different wood, brick, and metal materials. Gathering them in 1 minute after landing would require a stable landing zone, which is very much appreciated, and we’re here to help you find it.

A perfect drop spot would be a location with a substantial amount of cars, concrete or brick walls, and wooden logs or pellets. We believe that this drop spot will reasonably be the hardest to get to and, most likely, the most crowded area, especially in the early days of Skye’s challenges. So, if you already have found a better spot than what we provided you with, keep it to yourself.

Now, enough talking, let’s take a look at where exactly you can find all of the materials at one drop spot in Fortnite. Take a look at the image below, in which the location is highlighted.

In the middle of Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods, Slurpy Swamp, and The Rig, there is a production site known as “Logjam.” Around the site, there are abandoned cars, brick fence, and also wooden logs and pellets. Which means, we have just the right spot for accomplishing the challenge.

Another competent drop spot for this challenge would probably be the abandoned island known as “Camp Cod” at the south side east side of the map. Take a look at the image below:

However, the place is more prominent, and the materials distant from each other. But, the house on the east side of the island has everything you need, and if you’re missing wood, there are plenty of trees just next to it.

Therefore, we assume we have concluded this guide. Have a beautiful day, and, more importantly, stay safe!

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