Pokemon Go Remote Raids Explained, How to Get One and How it Works

Niantic has given us a detailed look at the new remote raiding option, which we will hopefully see in a short amount of time. There is also some info about the ones that can not spin a Pokestop and get coins and other things that a PokeStop can give.

The newest addition to the game will use the new kind of pass called Remote Raid Pass, which gives access to any raid on your map. But, not a whole 20-person lobby can join this type of raid, and a player can only have a limited number of Remote Raid Passes at a time. Few Passes will be given to players through the upcoming 1 PokeCoin bundle, and when that passes, they will be available at the shop for a “special discounted price of 100 PokeCoins.”

Niantic did not say anything about how long the in-game damage will remain the same for remote raiding because they did say that the damage dealt with the raid bosses will be the same as it is in the regular Raids. They did not even say anything about how long this price of the Passes will remain.

However, with some details that emerged today, it is our guess that Niantic is planning on keeping this feature in the future. It would be interesting to see how will this work when the pandemic ends because the core principle of this game is to play outside and meet new people.

PoGO players will soon get one daily bonus Field Research task at midnight, without spinning a PokeStop. Even if you have 3 research tasks, you will still get this one, but in a bonus slot. One fun new feature is that, if you do not have gifts, your Buddy will bring you these gifts, which can be picked up from the buddy screen.

If you have candy and Stardust, you can power up your Pokemon multiple levels at a time, and you can activate multiple Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs and Incense. The battle screen will have an updated look too. It will have a new way of displaying health bars and will list the Pokemon types and tips on which moves are super effective and which moves are not. The shop icon will have a new notification when boxes or new items are on sale.

NOTERemote Raid Passes will be available this month for 100 PokeCoins ($0.99, or less if you buy in bulk) each at first, and Niantic will also sell a one-time bundle that includes some passes for a single PokeCoin.

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