Pokemon Go “Time to Train” Research Tasks and Rewards

Trainers, a new six-stage Special Research “Time to Train” is on the way, featuring new tasks, rewards, shiny Pokemon and more.

The Time to Train is six-stage research in which you’ll be facing against the Team GO Rocket Leaders, Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, and Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni. On your journey, you’ll be guided by Professor Willow and the Pokemon Go Trainers, Spark, Blanche, and Candela.

There will be a variety of tasks, but you must defeat the Grunts, battle and defeat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, rescue and purify the Shadow Pokemon, and defeat Giovanni to complete the Special Research Time to Train and sharpen your skills for further researches.

Time to Train Research Tasks and Rewards

Time to Train (1/6)

  • Great to see you again %PLAYERNAME%. You’ve done such an amazing job with every challenge I’ve given you. Congrats on coming so far as a Trainer! You constantly impress me with your skills. But there are so many aspects to Pokemon training I think it’s time to switch things up. I spoke with Spark, and he thought it would be good for you to focus some more on taking care of Pokemon Eggs. Why not take a walk with your buddy Pokemon after placing some Eggs into incubators? And be sure to rescue Shadow Pokemon from any Team GO Rocket members you encounter, too. THose POkemon still need our help.

Time to Train (2/6)

  • Wonderful work %PLAYERNAME%. While you were busy, I met up with Blanche to discuss out research on recent development with Shadow Pokemon. I had observed that Team GO Rocket somehow seems to me making Shadow Pokemon deal more damage with their attacks, though they also seem to take more damage in return now. My observations line up with Blanche’s research. Both of us are concerned that despite our best efforts to push Team GO Rocket back, they’re still gaining ground and putting more and more Pokemon in danger. While Blanche and I continue to investigate, can we depend on you to rake down some more Grunts to slow Team GO Rocket down? I’m also going to assign you some tasks to test you as Trainers. BAttling Grunts alone won’t keep your skills as sharp as they need to be to continue standing up to Team GO Rocket’s leaders.

Time to Train (3/6)

  • Thanks for taking on those Grunts %PLAYERNAME%. I was working with Candela to figure out what challenges we could give you to help you prepare for battles with other Trainers and in the GO Battle League. Those skills carry over to doing battle with the Team GO Rocket Leaders! after all! Candela was very excited to find ways to keep you on your toes! Could you take on these challenges as part of your ongoing training?

Time to Train (4/6)

  • You’ve done the team leaders proud %PLAYERNAME%. You took on those challenges like the skilled Trainer you are. Great work. Now it’s time to continue the battle against Team GO Rocket. Your efforts to rescue and purify Shadow Pokemon have certainly not gone unnoticed. I’ll be sure to share any new findings of Team GO Rocket’s continued invasion as soon as they crop up, but right now, we should keep up the pressure on the Team GO Rocket Leaders. Good luck, %PLAYERNAME%.

Time to Train (5/6)

  • Taking on the Team GO Rocket LEaders is no easy task. They have proven to be difficult opponents for even the most accomplished Trainers. One interesting thing to note is that I’ve heard reports of Trainers rescuing Shiny Pokemon from the Team GO Rocker Leaders. This only further supports my suspicions that Team GO Rocket is gathering large numbers of Pokemon if they’ve been able to find SHiny ones to turn into Shadow Pokemon. There is definitely more that we need to learn about these foes and what their plans are. For now, I need you to focus. It’s time to take on Giovanni ni himself. You got this %PLAYERNAME%,

Time to Train (6/6)

  • What an impressive victory, %PLAYERNAME%. Giovanni is one of the toughest opponents out there, but your continued efforts to improve let you rise to the challenge! After this, I’m going to talk with the team leaders to discuss how we can further support you. You’ve been an amazing part of the team, and we wouldn’t be able to keep these villains at bay without your skills and dedication. But we can’t drop our guard while Team GO Rocket’s around, so keep honing your battle techniques. I suggest challenging your fellow Trainers to battles and testing yourself in the GO Battle LEague. I’ll be in touch again soon, but until then, let’s GO!
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