Valorant Closed Beta Accounts Already on Sale on eBay

It’s a common thing to see people doing weird things nowadays. If they get the chance to do something and earn a buck, they’ll most probably go for it. The same has happened with today’s Valorant closed beta kickoff, the first-person shooter by Riot Games. Users have managed to get access to the closed beta, and they haven’t hesitated to turn the benefit into profit.

As much as crazy as it sounds, it is also sad for all the rest who, at the time of this writing, do not have a chance to participate in the closed beta. We have also taken a picture of some of the listings, which include very high pricing—apparently, access to Valorant’s closed beta costs somewhere around $70 – $170 on eBay.

What is even more shocking is that people are bidding to get access to the closed beta, which adds an incentive for people (bots) to keep on doing what they’re doing on Twitch. Now, is Riot Games actually trying to do something to prevent this nonsense? Probably not, as new listings keep on arriving as we speak.

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