Valorant EU Servers Are Down, Broken Matchmaking Due To Closed Beta Update 0.47?

UPDATE: Shortly after the writing, Riot Games has announced on their official Twitter profile that the EU servers are having issues and a couple of reboots will be performed for their full recovery. Then I assume, this has nothing to do with the update…

Riot Games has announced a new patch for Valorant, which development started off slightly bit earlier than expected. I am currently based in EU, and what I am seeing are mismatch errors, broken matchmaking and other flaws. It seems that the development of patch 0.47 has already started in EU, making everything unresponsive. For a brief moment, I was excited because after I rebooted the game, I saw a Battle Pass Rewards window, for which after the game restart it was gone. I feel bad for not taking a screenshot of the Battle Pass Rewards section. But, let’s get to the point of this article.

Now, after the second boot, I was barely able to invite my friend and play together. At first, we had some version mismatch error, which I assume is the reason why the Matchmaking is broken at this moment. I guess clients with older versions are still in the game and are unaware of the update. Because of that, to everyone who reads this article, please restart your launcher and tell your friends to do the same in order to get the update.

The matchmaking is broken and we’ve been stuck in a sort of an infinite loop (finding a match without being able to pick an agent). While I am writing this article we have just noticed a warning that match queues are disabled. The game queues were probably burning up the servers. It seems that Riot Games do not obey the statement on Twitter and want to rush the update, which again, may lead to a severe maintenance period. I am currently located in the EU, and according to the official Tweet, the maintenance window should’ve started a bit later.

There’s nothing else we can do at this point except wait for the full deployment. We can just sit back and relax, and wait for Riot Games to address the issue as they normally do. The servers are apparently under maintenance, even though they were not supposed to cut off this early. God, I sound addicted to the game innit?

Angel Kicevski

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