Valorant: Omen’s Shrouded Step Is “The Best Bait Ability” on BIND

All of the closed beta participants who have had the opportunity to play the Bind map in Valorant may have or may not have discovered the most robust character for that map. In my honest opinion, the best champion to play on that map is Omen. But how does this have a connection to Omen’s Shrouded Step ability, and what would assign him as the strongest character on that map?

Well, on Bind, unlike the other maps, we have two teleports. The teleports can be used to migrate from A to B and vice-versa, and that in a fast manner. However, in situations when you’re outnumbered, you sometimes need to bamboozle the enemy team. This is where Omen takes place. He’s the king for the task because his Shrouded Step pairs well with the teleports and can be used as a bait.

On the defensive side, Omen can also bait the teleports and stall the rush. For example, if Omen is Defending B, that should be B long because if the attackers are dedicated to rush to A site, Omen can instantly bait the teleport, inducing some sort of panic to the enemy team. Their primary focus will be shattered, being scared of the possibility of someone flanking them.

But how exactly can you fool the opposite players by baiting the teleport? The answer is simple. You start channeling the Shrouded Step ability before you enter the teleport. The key for it to work is to jump before entering the teleport. The sound queue fo the teleport is sent across the map while there’s no one being teleported. Instead, Omen can then either start flanking or rotate to the other bomb site.

For example, I needed to save my weapon in an early 1v4 situation and got spotted by the enemy players. Once my position was compromised, I decided to instantly bait the tp to lower their guard (which luckily it worked). I was even able to kill the guy that was holding an angle on me. Check the video below:

The weapon he had is expensive. Too bad, he had to lose it. His friends have probably covered the other side of the teleport once the sound queue went off.

This tactic works well if you’re planning to play aggressively as a defender, and the guys on A decide to push the Showers and A Short. Once you trigger the TP, they will believe someone is already inside, defocusing their primary objective, while giving an advantage to your team.

I love playing Omen on Bind, simply because of this reason, and will probably keep on picking him from the get-go. Did I change your mind on this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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