Valorant is a Revolutionary First-Person Shooter Game

I was thinking about doing a review, but then I changed my mind. Simply because Valorant is more than just a game that needs to be thoroughly reviewed, and at this point in Closed Beta, we can only speculate what the future holds. Therefore, we collectively decided to give this game the proper coverage, and we’re open to critics. So knock yourself out in the comments if you feel something needs an adequate address.

Having multiple characters with different sets of abilities in a first-person shooter game video games surely scales the learning curve. Like in other games, the predefined meta showcased on Twitch streams, and other Youtube gaming phenomenons will most probably fade away as time goes by. That would perhaps define the professionalism or state when the game is ready to tremble into the E-Sports scene.

Riot Games is most definitely taking the right approach with all the assets, from the game’s development to the potential spikes of cosmetic appearances. A solid perspective on the matter, at least that’s what they had showcased in the previous couple of days.

Chit Chat

Now, for a game that’s in Closed Alpha, what do you preliminary review? The graphics, the audio, or the gameplay itself? There’s a lot to talk about, and believe it or not; we’ll talk about that very soon. What fascinates me the most is something completely different but still contributes to a tremendous competitive factor.

Now let’s begin with how exactly is Valorant a first-person tactical shooter that’s somewhat combined from Overwatch and CS: GO (as most of you think of). Being a CS 1.6 professional player and then slowly traversing to CS: GO for a couple of months before I entirely quit the competitive scene, I can personally say that the recoil pattern between the two is quite similar. Hence, why CS: GO players (aiming wise) are much more successful than others in Valorant. That is most probably about to stay the same way.

I might be found weird or anything, but I have tried Overwatch once (not my type of game), which gave me mixed indications about Valorant as well. Or at least until I tried it (thanks to Riot Games for allowing me to). After a couple of games in Valorant, I was able to feel the adrenaline, increased heartbeats, and many other contributing factors that led me to a conclusion – “Valorant is a sick game.”

But that’s not how you define any game’s success. Instead, multiple leads are necessary for you to confirm if a game is entertaining. For that reason, we had to prolong this writing for a couple of more days and delve into Valorant a bit deeper before we state our opinion.

Audio and Graphics

Now, unlike other reviews and whatnot, I do not want to include graphics and sound into this. I just want to state that both of them include a very satisfactory level. Especially the audio, where Riot Games tuned footsteps (probably the most essential part in the game, competitive-wise) correctly. Again, for a closed-beta, this is huge.

For that reason, we would love to focus more on the core features of the game, rather than stay blinded and follow the scripts. The title says, Revolutionary? You’re probably asking yourself why it is Valorant revolutionary before all. Well, the following part would probably be the most substantial part of the article, because it holds our accurate briefing on the game and its competitors.

128 Tick Servers – Performance

If you’ve played Valorant, you probably already noticed that a HEADSHOT is a HEADSHOT, no matter what. In other words, if you target your opponent’s head and you click your left mouse button confirming that the trigger occurred while the crosshair was on his head, that ladies and gents, in Valorant, is a clear headshot. Hit reg is not an issue, at least hasn’t been for the past two days for me. Yes, having 128 tick servers is why Valorant is the most surprising title in the FPS genre right now, while other video games are still missing that.

Years after release, CS: GO is still without official 128 tick servers, which already makes CS: GO uncomparable to Valorant, even if the game is here for a couple of days. That is how Riot Games cares for its community, and that is how every single player is susceptible to his skills. An incentive that distinct good players from bad players and make the game feel (rewarding/demoting) for each player input. It is one of a kind. I know, right?

Like, I could write a million words about Valorant, and each one of them will not hold a single wrong note. It’s simple as that. That’s why I wanted this to be somewhat a plain review, explaining a couple of things why the game is excellent. I do not care about anything else than a competitive, first-person shooter that’s as closest to CS: GO, but very distant at the same time.

Having characters with abilities spices the entertainment level, while the core shooting mechanic remains as the most important to pay attention to. Relying on your aiming skills is still what you should be doing, rather than trying to outsmart an opponent by using your abilities (yes, it can be done). In both ways, the game is rewarding for whatever you do.


Now, let’s jump to the characters. Each character has a unique set of abilities that give benefit to the players. Some of them team-wide beneficial, others more selfish. Some of them over-tuned, others under-tuned, it brings a diversified playing field.

Having an extensive list of characters (with more of them coming in the future), Valorant is a perfectly balanced game, except for one character for which we can all agree is kind of broken, and that is Raze. Raze’s abilities are all damage dealers, while some could also be used as a utility. Not to mention the ultimate… a devastating RPG blow that can destroy pretty much a whole team.

Other characters have just the right tune to their abilities. As we said, some of them are beneficial for the party, others useful for the imbiber itself. It somewhat brings balance between them and assigns to why Valorant is a 5v5 shooter.

Overall, it has everything a 5v5 first-person shooter game needs to have, and I am very passionate about it. I’d give a 10/10 (considering it is in closed beta), and I do not usually do that.

That’s everything I have to say about Valorant at this time. I’d personally not consider it as a review. I’ve done this in one breath, so if I am missing something, please let me know in the comments below. I will be back with more info, but currently, you can find me stuck in Valorant, trying to improve while also thoroughly learn every character. See you in-game!

Valorant Review

Valorant - 9.1



Valorant is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games.

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