Apex Legends Season 5 Includes PvE, Map Changes and Surprises

PvE has become a rough topic in Battle Royale Games nowadays. If we take Escape From Tarkov, which raise in popularity may have brought ideas to Epic Games to add PvE in Fortnite, Apex Legends hasn’t forgotten to do the same. Whether or not Fortnite inspired the idea, Respawn Entertainment has decided to kill the monotony and shuffle in a few AI.

Fortune’s Favor has also added Loba, the new legend in which cinematic trailers prove her to be significant. Season 5 also brings changes to Kings Canyon. A new zone named Salvage has replaced my favorite Skulltown and Thunderdome, which have sunk deep in the waters.

The most exciting part of Apex Legends nowadays is the rewards that players will be getting due to the new PvE gameplay. The New PvE Season Quests require players to fight against waves of prowlers to obtain a treasure, which should also be rewarding throughout the match. Most importantly, according to Respawn Entertainment’s latest statement, there will be hidden secrets across the PvE zones, so open your eyes for surprises!

Season 5 is scheduled to kick off on May 12, with Loba coming to the game four days earlier. Therefore, the old Battle Pass is still in play until the new season arrives.

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