Apex Legends Update 1.39 Improves Hit Registration

If you didn’t know, hit registration is one of the biggest problems video games face nowadays. A slightly obstructed netcode may lead to a bad experience, and every competitive soul is pretty much against it. That’s why Update 1.39 is here to improve Apex Legends and contribute to that pool of fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

With a couple of changes, the heftiest one being the hit registration, Apex Legends has restored the functionality of the servers. Below you can find the complete patch notes for 1.39:

  • Stability Improvement, Bug Fixes
  • Improved Hit Registration

This update is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a small size of around 150MB.

Apex Legends will receive an even bigger dedication by the developers, especially after Respawn Entertainment acquired another studio in Vancouver. The acquisition is to improve Apex Legends and increase the focus on the Battle Royale blockbuster in general.

It’s time to jump in for a fresh Apex Legends run and see if we can experience anything out of the ordinary. Even if these flaws are very rarely to be noticed, hit registration might have been fooling us for days before this update arrived.

Amie Gammons

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