CoD: Warzone New Trios Mode Remove Gulag, No Chance for Retaliation

Players will no longer be in power to retaliate from loss in CoD: Warzone in the new Trios mode. The new addition of Trios changes has removed the Gulag, which is not an adequate change according to the fans. The Gulag was probably the most essential feature the Battle Royale could’ve offered to fans, and now they have to play the old-fashioned style.

This change is only available in the new Trios mode, in which money cash and contracts are also removed. In the new Trio mode, players are prevented from getting their loadout, which further aligns the PUBG style of gameplay. It is fascinating how this “no Gulag” adaptation lands shortly after Infinity Ward decided to add new automatic guns in the Gulag arena.

A short abbreviation to the already existing BR mode could be seen as a game mode for more experienced players. No Gulag and no money means no respawn at all. Without having the chance to recover from death, cheering on teammates would be the only remaining thing to do.

While everyone’s expecting a novel “live event feature” in Warzone, players are faced with going along new changes that may turn out to be severe for the community.

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