CoD: Warzone’s Locked Bunkers Can Now Be Accessed

Shortly after the Warzone Update, players have noticed something extraordinary in Verdansk. For a couple of weeks, mysterious bunkers started appearing across Verdansk. Those bunkers have been closed, which interaction led to no further response. Not until today! A conspicuous change occurred, and they are now available to open.

But how exactly can you open them? It seems that the keycards able to find in a previous couple of days are now tied to the bunkers. Hence, it’s the only way of opening them. A player from FaZe, Dirty, had precisely showcased his experience of entering one of these high-value loot areas.

The concept of this addition to Warzone is impressive. But, the more intriguing part is if whether or not the global availability of these vaults was a part of a live event. We’ve heard that Infinity Ward’s future may develop around such, and if so, these events could become more frequent.

It seems that the vaults are full of high-level gear, epics, legendaries, and more. Pretty much a high-value loot to equip your whole team and settle upon the journey to the top.

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