Escape From Tarkov’s 0.12.6 Pre-Wipe Event Has Begun

Escape From Tarkov, the most realistic and tactical shooter game as it currently stands, has launched it’s promised pre-wipe event. In an event like this, all the matches are out of the ordinary. That’s either more NPCs scattered across any map or ordinary Scavs being replaced by raiders. Maybe multiple boss-tuned AIs are also prominent. Anyhow, it’s a word a pre-wipe event, which means the account wipe and installation of 0.12.6 will occur in a week or two from now.

During the pre-wipe event, everything tends to be cheaper, so that most of the players could get a fair chance at gearing up their character before they hop into a raid. The pre-wipe event wasn’t announced on any social channel but instead was announced directly on BSG’s launcher. Meaning, if you’ve been absent from EFT for a while, this may be the right time to go back and have fun.

Having a pre-wipe event somewhat removes the stress and alleviates the “gear fear” problem. It also brings more fun and sort of fairer matches. Having multiple “Juggernauts” on the map adds up to that, including the raiders, who are currently present on each map available in Tarkov.

0.12.6 is planned to be a completely different experience. It may or may not include the Cult questline (supposed to be released by surprise), and may or may not have the Streets of Tarkov map. The whole community is turned towards the new map, simply because Streets of Tarkov plans on having 40+ players on the map, which speaks for its proportions.

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