Escape From Tarkov: Death Removes “Found In Raid” Tag on Items In Secure Container

If you’ve been playing EFT 0.12.6, you might have missed something. Before the wipe, players were able to store any found item in their secure container, which not only ensures the item after death, but it keeps its Found-In-Raid status. Before 0.12.6, a Found-In-Raid item stashed in the secure container would’ve remained as such, no matter the player outcome at the end of the raid. Well, that is no longer a thing after the installment of Escape From Tarkov 0.12.6.

One of the significant changes in patch 0.12.6 is that the Flea Market will no longer be seen as a “money printer.” The way the Flea Market operates now is that new submissions are required to have the Found-In-Raid status. But what exactly is the point of this?

Well, the infamous hatchlings and their precious routes are no longer viable and cannot commit to the same method of making money. The hatchlings’ life is usually short. They do not tend to survive for long, and to be frank with you, they do not even want to extract.

With the recent changes, not only they’re followed by Scavs, not only they cannot disconnect, but now they are also endangered by death. If they die, no matter what item they stored in the secure container, it will lose the “Found in Raid” value, which naturally prevents them from listing the items on the Flea Market. However, the items would still remain in their posession.

This also tackles another problem that has been whirling around for a while. Escape From Tarkov and Battlestate Games have had a black market issue. People sell in-game currency for real money, and it’s been there for years. Will 0.12.6 twist a money maker’s ankle? Probably so, but knowing their determination, they’ll probably find another way to operate.

Angel Kicevski

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