Fortnite 12.60 All Cosmetics Leaked – Skins, Pickaxes and More

It’s a tradition to pay attention to all of the data miners once a Fortnite patch hits, and somewhat an honor to be a part of it. When it comes to cosmetics, the whole Fortnite player base is itching for a surprise, and luckily, patch 12.60 has to offer a couple of them. Pickaxes, Skins, and other cosmetics tend to arrive at the item shop in a quick manner. Below, you can find and schedule all the items for which you may have purchase intentions.

From pickaxes to skins, gliders to loading screens, and more, this update is not as small as a pre-patch for a season closure. A solid data that confirms new items on the horizon, which arrived at the Fortnite item shop should be followed. Below you can find items posted by known data miners, who have already gone through 12.60.

Pickaxes, Weapon Skins

New Recon Expert Style

Character Skins, Backblings

It’s surprising to see how fast data miners react to each consecutive Fortnite patch. It seems that they’re getting faster at exposing new files added to the Fortnite repository, even if the server maintenance is still in power.

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