Fortnite: Apply Shields or Healing at Shanty Town or the Orchard

With today’s challenges, we’re deep into Fortnite’s Season 2 of Chapter 2, and this week puts us in the second decade of challenges. That said, it’s the 11th week of Fortnite challenges, with which Epic Games tries to keep the players entertained. For that, let’s take a look at one of the challenges that require locations. Today’s challenge is: “Apply Shields or Healing at Shanty Town or the Orchard.”

The challenge is self-explanatory, as you will need to eat consumables, which can be found in two places, just as the challenge suggests: the Orchard and Shanty Town. The Orchard is a very known spot on the map, which has held its grounds for the whole season. Shanty Town, is a slightly newer area in which similar consumables can be found.

Given a certain threshold, players will need to either heal themselves or apply shields to fulfill the requirement. The final requirement for the challenge is 500. If uncontested in the area, a couple of jumps from high altitudes may be required to complete this challenge.

But where exactly are The Orchard and Shanty Town located? Worry not, as we have highlighted the locations in the image below:

With this, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have a nice day in Fortnite, everyone!

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