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Fortnite Update 12.60 – Patch Notes

As you know, Epic Games has just started the server maintenance for the development of update 12.60. While some players are looking forward to receiving patch notes, others already debate on the possibility of the Doomsday Event inclusion, which assets may be included in today’s patch. Fortnite 12.60 is closer to being available, and thanks to the Trello board, we have the preliminary changes.

Fortnite v12.60 is supposed to be the last patch of Season 2, and a kick-starter to Fortnite’s season 3. The new season is estimated to arrive on June 4, with many surprises held in anticipation. Knowing Epic Games, the beginning date of the next Fortnite Season may alleviate. But, let’s hope that won’t be an issue.

Fortnite 12.60 Patch Notes

According to the most recent changes on the official Fortnite Trello board, Epic Games has posted the following changes:

Battle Royale

  • Dragacorn Glider will be available in competitive playlists.
  • Riot Control Baton Pickaxe back on the front.
  • Hit Indicators will provide the correct direction.

Creative Mode

  • Fixed the occurrence of a possible seam running through the middle of an island while playing on mobile devices.

Save The World

  • Exploding Deathbomb will no longer deal damage through builds
  • Black Metal Weapons will respect the self-damage amount when performing Critical Hits
  • Ammo is no longer consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up

If any other tweaks are performed and announced post-update, we will publish them additionally.

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