Ghost of Tsushima Acquires 50 GB of Storage on the PS4

In the current era, video games are taking a massive space on the hard drives we have, to accompany the best view and content experience. Usually, the bigger the game, the better it should be, both visually and content-wise. Among them, Ghost of Tsushima, which impact on the space requirements is going to be around 50GB.

Some other games usually tend to require a lot more hard drive space than what Ghost of Tsushima does. For example, the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Last of Us Part 2, requires around 100GB of hard drive, which is half the size of Ghost of Tsushima. What kind of difference would that bring to the table?

A lot of things vary, textures, compression, and other stuff that holds off all bits and pieces in video games. If The Last of Us 2 is 100GB of size, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be two times better than Ghost of Tsushima, and that is not how usually games are compared. It all comes down to the player experience, and whether or not the prominent role is driven to solid entertainment.

According to the most recent listing made on the PlayStation Store, the space requirement for Ghost of Tsushima is 50 GB. Currently, Ghost of Tsushima is just two months away from an official release with a correct release date on July 17.

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