Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll Will Join ROCKMAN X DiVE!

Mega Man X DiVE’s first massive collaboration is happening with the timeless Mega Man series. Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man will all be joining the game upgraded with their own respective and new skills. This will happen tomorrow, May 21, 2020.

Mega Man, who’s voiceover will be provided by Ayaka Fukuhara, will be using a particular Charge Shot skill. This skill will be chargeable up to 4 times. The strongest Charge Shot is based on the Mega Man 11’s Final Charge Shot. Mega Man will also be able to use Wood Man’s Leaf Shield as a weapon skill. Using this, he can block attacks and projectiles or shoot at enemies.

Proto Man has a bit different Charge Shot, looking more like his thinner and longer Charge Shot in Mega Man 9 and 10. This one can also be charged four times. The Proto Shield will have the same abilities as Mega Man’s – block all incoming attacks. If you tap the skill button, you will be able to charge forward with this character’s shield.

Last but not least, Roll will use her broom to make powerful attacks by hitting enemies with it or merely sliding along the floor with it. She has Eddie’s help as well. Eddie will either recover her health or will provide her with a bomb to attack enemies.

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