Minecraft Sells Over 200 Million Copies, Holds a Huge Amount of Active Players

Minecraft Still Dominates

Minecraft is a game in which many generations have grown. After 11 years of release and a remarkable timeline, Minecraft has managed to sell over 200 million copies. That’s not the only surprising number we notice today thanks to Minecraft’s effort. Mojang is before a rebrand, and this news comes at the right time to escort their transformation into Mojang Studios.

To enhance the story, we cannot miss the most incredible achievement of Minecraft. It was announced that over 126 million active players had joined the platform, which is unbelievable, but also natural thanks to recent changes.

A multiplayer title like Minecraft is found very entertaining for the human eyes. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is expected to see the name of this caliber jump in records, which is among the reasons why Minecraft is noticing this uprise.

With the recent alteration with the Ray-Tracing technology and the RTX Beta version of the game, Minecraft has shifted to a more realistic state. Light reflection is now diligent in its predisposition and makes the game look a lot more beautiful.

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