New Dragon Ball FighterZ – Goku Ultra Instinct Trailer

Speaking of Dragon Ball, we all associate it with incredible powers and epic transformations. Even people who have never watched it, know about the term “Super Saiyan.”  However, the franchise has countless episodes, numerous storylines, and carries tons of characters that have many transformations in their sleeve.

The latest and probably most exciting one is called Ultra Instinct. This one is yet to debut in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragon Ball FighterZ is no stranger to popularity because fighting games took the gaming world by storm ever since 1991 with the release of Street Fighter II.

Season 3 includes Kefla, which is a female fusion made of 2 female Saiyans. The previously mentioned Ultra Instinct Goku transformation is next. The hype got real when a trailer got released. Besides, you can watch the trailer below, and see for yourselves what we talk about:

David Goodwin

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