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Nintendo stirred things up by filing class-action lawsuits. All of them are against individuals who have found customers to sell software to run Nintendo Switch’s pirated games to.

According to Polygon and their obtained court documents, Tom Dilts Jr. from Ohio received the first lawsuit. Allegedly, Tom runs the UberChips website. The 2nd lawsuit was filed against a few anonymous defendants in Seattle. They were all accused of accompanying piracy tools and selling an unauthorized operating system under the nickname of “Team Xecuter.” They wanted to hack the Nintendo Switch, thus getting around the security measures. Once the security is disabled, players can freely play pirated games on their consoles with no charge.

The Nintendo Switch pirate kit was being sold for $47.99. There are other kits, which can enable piracy-ROMs for the PlayStation Mini, SNES Classic, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo is seeking $2,500 per single trafficking violation in each and one of these cases. Also, the company wants a permanent injunction to stop operations of these defendants’ websites.

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